FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a limit to how large an area of Numaxx SPC Vinyl flooring can be installed?

Generally speaking, Numaxx SPC Ultracore vinyl flooring should not be installed in an area larger than 20m by 20m.  In installations larger than this, it is recommended that an ‘expansion’ space be incorporated into the floor and covered with a molding.  

Do I need to install an underlay?

Currently, all Numaxx SPC Ultracore vinyl floors have an integral cork underlay attached to the underside of every board. These products require no additional underlay.

Can it be installed over radiant heat?

Yes, all Numaxx SPC Ultracore vinyl floors are approved for use over radiant heat. Refer to the installation guide for special instructions and use of the floors over radiant heat systems.

How do I clean the floor?

Numaxx SPC Ultracore floors are virtually maintenance free. Normal vacuuming (use hard floor setting) and sweeping will usually keep your floor clean. If stubborn spots still remain, you can use a steam or wet mop.

Recommended Tips

• Do not use any cleaning agents containing wax, oil or polish. Leftover residue from these agents can leave a dull film on the floor.

• Do not use steel wool or scouring powder, as this could scratch the floor.

• Use either a natural or color-fast doormat outside and inside each entrance to your home to prevent dirt, sand, grit and other substances from being tracked onto the floor.
• Use wide-bearing, non-staining floor protectors, such as felt protectors for chair legs and table legs.


Can I use rubber mats on the Numaxx SPC Ultracore floor?

Rubber-backed or latex-backed mats should not be used directly on a SPC UC Vinyl floor unless they are marked “colourfast” by the mat manufacturer. Many of these products contain chemicals in the non-slip backing which can permanently stain the floor.

Can I install Numaxx SPC UC Vinyl directly over plywood, OSB or particleboard?

Yes, provided it meets the subfloor specifications as laid out in the installation guide. 

Is the product affected by extreme seasonal conditions like high heat and humidity?

Although Numaxx SPC UC Vinyl is waterproof and not susceptible to humidity like wood-based products, it is susceptible to extreme heat. For the best performance of a floating installation, keep the temperature between 18C-30C (65F-85F) (18C-30C). If you’re planning to install SPC UC in areas that experience temperatures outside this range (like sunrooms) a full spread glue-down installation is recommended.

Is Numaxx SPC UC vinyl pet friendly?

Yes, in several ways.  As a hard surface flooring, it will not hold fur and dander and is very easy to get thoroughly clean.  Numaxx SPC is not affected by pet urine, but more aggressive liquids such as sulfuric acid and lacquer thinner will affect the surface.

The finish on Numaxx SPC UC floors is extremely ‘scratch-resistant’ but not scratch-proof, and pets’ nails may cause some surface scratching.  Keeping pets’ nails and claws trimmed will help reduce this.  

Can Numaxx SPC UC vinyl be used on stairs?

Yes, but the planks will need to be glued in place and the job will require some additional preparation.  The attached underlay will need to be removed and the back of the boards cleaned of any residue or debris to ensure a good adhesive bond.  You will also need to purchase the flush fitting Numaxx stair nose for the flooring. 

Can I use an acoustic underlay with Numaxx SPC UC floors?

With its built-in acoustic cork underlay, Numaxx SPC UC floors already have excellent sound dampening properties; however if additional noise reduction is desired, a rigid underlayment such as additional cork may be used.  Note: sub-floor conditions must still be meet guidelines provided in the Numaxx installation instructions.

Does Numaxx offer flooring trims/ accessories to complete the flooring installation?


Yes, Numaxx offers an assortment of flooring trims/ accessories for our full line of SPC UC floors including flush stair nose, T-mold, reducer and skirting boards.